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I am a current Master's student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer and Information Technology. After graduating college, I worked in advertising technology where I worked closely with clients to deploy tracking pixels for their marketing campaigns. This piqued my interest and desire to learn how the web works.

My newfound curiosity led me to enroll in several self-direted web development courses where I learned many of the technologies and frameworks that power the web today. In order to further my knowledge, I enrolled in a Master's program beginning in 2021 where I am studying fundamental concepts of computer science. As a self-motivated, dedicated developer, I am so excited to be a part of this growing field. Check out some of my projects below!

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General Knowledge Trivia

Utilizes: React, Redux, Sass

A game of general knowledge trivia that displays multiple choice questions to the user one after another and provides instant feedback upon selecting an answer. The app is built in React.js, and uses Redux + Redux-Thunk middleware to pull questions from the Open Trivia Database API. It is styled using the CSS pre-processor, Sass, and adheres to proper responsive design techniques.

See Live Source Code

5 Day Forecast

Utilizes: React, Redux, HTML, CSS

A react app utilizing redux for state management. The app fetches data from the Open Weather API and displays a five day forecase for the city that the user inputs in the search bar.

See Live Source Code

Movie Database

Utilizes: React, React Hooks, HTML, CSS

A scaled down version of IMDB that allows a user to search for a movie title and be given back a list of relevant movies. Each movie in the list contains a poster, title, year, synopsis, starring actors, director, user score, and an embedded trailer all pulled from the TMDB API. This is a React.js app utilizing React hooks to manage state.

See Live Source Code

Video Search App

Utilizes: React, React Hooks, HTML, CSS

Like the project above, this video search app is a scaled down version of another popular site, YouTube. Utilizing the YouTube API, this app fetches videos based on a users' input. The app features a sidebar of relevant videos on the right side along with a video player in the center to play the selected video on the screen.

See Live Source Code

To Do List

Utilizes: JQuery, Sass, HTML

A to do list to help keep track of all your tasks! Add a task, check it off, or delete a task entirely. Functionality added with JQuery and styled with Sass.

See Live Source Code


Utilizes: Javascript, HTML, CSS

A sports-themed game of hangman! Can you guess the sport correctly before your lives expire? The project features Javascript DOM manipulation, along with HTML and CSS styling.

See Live Source Code